EHC Hip Chair Rentals

Designed for use after knee or hip surgery or with other mobility challenges such as arthritis and chronic pain, our Hip Chair Rentals will put you in the ideal seating position without putting too much stress on your hip and knees. The chairs also feature both arm and foot rests as well as an easy to clean well-padded backrest and seat to maximize your comfort during your recovery or daily use.

Rental Prices*

*All hip chair rentals require a $75 deposit.

Use of a Hip Chair after surgery can help prevent further injures of both the user and caregivers by minimizing the effort needed to assist the user in standing or sitting. The higher than normal seat position eases bending,  reduces the need to use arm strength to stand, and reduces joint strain and fatigue. The solid steel frame provides support while the cushioned seat and backrest provide comfort.

Our knowledgeable in store associates can answer any of your questions and help you find the best rental for you needs. Come into our well-stocked showroom and try out a hip chair today before you rent!

Hip Chair for Rent Features

  • Waterproof and Padded Vinyl Seat and Back
  • Sturdy Metal Frame
  • Built-in Footrest
  • Stable Textured Armrests (Padded Covers available for $20)
  • 26″ Seat Height
  • Weight Limit: up to 300 lbs. 


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