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OS1st Compression Sleeves

OS1st offers zoned compression for immediate relief. Compression socks and hosiery will increased blood flow, energizes feet, lessen fatigue, improves overall foot health, and can prevent blood clotting and swelling.

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PediFix offers a variety of silicone cushions for all types of foot issues such as: corns, bunions, and heel blisters.

Whether you have toe, ball of foot, or heel issues, Elmora Healthcare's PediFix line has many products to help many ailments.

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PowerStep Insoles

Better than custom insoles at a fraction of the price. Guaranteed to improve foot pain and posture. Come to Elmora Healthcare and see PowerStep's supportive 3-layer construction.

Heel cup helps straighten and align foot and spine. Hard arch support gives everyday comfort and plantar fasciitis relief.

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Sockwell Compression Socks

Improved circulation means better blood flow. Compression socks lowers the risk of blood clots which can lead to a stroke or heart attack. Elmora Healthcare highly recommends Sockwell socks for flying.

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