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Traveling with mobility needs isn’t easy, but we have some tools to help.  Our long and short term rentals of power scooters and wheelchairs might be the answer you are lookign for, whether you’re vising New York or New Jersey, live nearby and are recovering from surgery or any other reasons, we have solutions to help.  Our showroom is a great place to come see and try different types of equipment so come stop by today and see our available models and take one for a spin before you rent/buy!

Short and Long Term Rental Prices*

*All power mobility rentals require a $250 deposit.

There are many differences between a scooter and wheelchair. Scooters have a two handed center mount controller and require more upper body control because of this. Most of them break down into easy to handle pieces and are therefor easily transportable.  3-wheel scooters have a better turning radius than 4-wheel scooters, but a power wheelchair has the best turning radius becuase of independently controlled wheels.  Power Wheelchairs use a single handed joystick mounted to the armrest and normally use heavier batteries and are less transporable without the use of a handicap accessible vehicle, however, newer technology has made it possible to use ligheweight frames and motors and lithium batteries to lighten their weight.  We can show you examples in our showroom.  

Power Wheelchair Features


  • Sturdy 4 Wheel Design
  • One-Handed Control System
  • Extreme Turning Radius
  • Large Batteries for Extended Use
  • Folds for Storage or Transportation
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs

Mobility Scooter Features


  • 3 and 4 Wheel Styles Available
  • 4 Wheels = More Stability
  • 3 Wheels = Better Turning Radius
  • Comes Apart for Easy Transport
  • Two-Handed Front and Center Controls
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs


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